Infrastructure Development Code



The Infrastructure Development Code (IDC) is the document that outlines  Tauranga City Council’s and Western Bay of Plenty District Council's required standards for how infrastructure and land should be developed. 

Where the City/District Plans describes what kind of structure or development is able to occur in any given area, the IDC describes the standards to which that structure or development should be constructed. It covers things like the steepest gradient you are allowed to build on and the sort of materials and methods to use when installing stormwater pipes.



GEN-1    Introduction 
GEN-2    Strategic Alignment 
GEN-3    Levels of Service 
GEN-4    Definitions 
GEN-5    Document Control & Management
GEN-6    IDC Departures

Infrastructure Development Processes

ID-1    Infrastructure Development Processes 

Quality Assurance Information Requirements

QA-1    Resource Consent Application Requirements
QA-2    Works Undertaken By or For Council
QA-3    Development Works Approval 
QA-4    Survey Plan (s223) Approval
QA-5    Final Sign Off (s224c) Application Requirements
QA-6    As Built Information
QA-7    Bonds & Maintenance Fee
QA-8    Building Consent Considerations (Under Construction) 

Design Standards

DS-1    General Provisions 
DS-2    Streetscape 
DS-3    Reserves 
DS-4    Transportation Network 
DS-5    Stormwater 
DS-6    Wastewater 
DS-7    Water Supply 
DS-8    Public Lighting 
DS-9    Network Utilities 
DS-10  Natural Hazards & Earthworks 
DS-11  Road Zone/Road Reserve Occupancy
DS-12  Building Consent Considerations (Under Construction)

Standard Drawings

SD-1    General Provisions
T100    Perspective Drawings
T200    Streetscape
T300    Reserves    
T400    Transportation Network
T500    Stormwater
T600    Wastewater
T700    Water Supply
T800    Public Lighting
AB       As-Built Drawings      

Approved Materials

AM-1    General Provisions
AM-2    Streetscape (79kb pdf)
AM-3    Reserves (46kb pdf)
AM-4    Transportation Network (63kb pdf)
AM-5    Stormwater (126kb pdf)
AM-6    Wastewater (97kb pdf)
AM-7    Water Supply (145kb pdf)
AM-8    Public Lighting
AM-9    Network Utilities (19kb pdf)

Construction Standards

CS-1    General Provisions
CS-2    Site Clearance
CS-3    Earthworks
CS-4    Excavation
CS-5    Excavation in Trench
CS-6    Fill    
CS-7    Bedding and Backfill
CS-8    Subsoil Drainage for Earthworks and Roads
CS-9    Pipework
CS-10  Pipe Fittings
CS-11  Manholes and Rodding Eyes
CS-12  Sumps    
CS-13  Trenchless Technology
CS-14  Road Ripping
CS-15  Road Pavement Layers
CS-16  Kerb and Channel
CS-17  Concrete Work
CS-18  Carriageway Surfacing 
CS-19  Roadmarking
CS-20  Berm Features
CS-21  Street Structures
CS-22  Road Maintenance
CS-23  Grassing and Turfing
CS-24  Vegetation Planting and Gardens
CS-25  Reinstatement

Inspection and Testing Requirements

IT-1    General Provisions
IT-2    Streetscape
IT-3    Reserves    
IT-4    Transportation Network
IT-5    Stormwater
IT-6    Wastewater
IT-7    Water Supply
IT-8    Public Lighting
IT-9    Network Utilities