Infrastructure Development Code


Where not covered by specifications that are developed for specific project works e.g. items not covered by an IDC Departures application, the following shall apply:

  1.  All construction shall comply with the IDC as the minimum standard for specification and construction of streetscape, reserves or infrastructure for:
    1. Council capital and operational works contracts or professional services agreements. Council's procurement process shall also apply to these works.
    2. Development works related to a Resource Consent regardless of whether the infrastructure will be vested in Council or remain in private ownership.
    3.  Any other form of infrastructure development that will connect to Council’s existing infrastructure network.
  2. The Construction Standards must be read in conjunction with all other sections of the IDC, associated standards, Regional Council requirements, acts, bylaws and other reference documents as noted within the IDC.
  3. Where designs relating to capital or operational works construction are not specifically covered by the IDC, specifications for these specific construction works shall be developed following the requirements of CS-1.15 Alternative Construction Methods. 

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