Infrastructure Development Code


A Dust Management Plan shall be submitted for approval before beginning works. This plan shall include information on the site construction methodology, dust suppressant application. A 24-hour contact person and phone number shall also be included in the plan.

Earthmoving shall be carried out with all haul roads and cut/fill areas maintained so dust is not raised near, or blown over, the work area and adjacent properties. The site shall be kept watered as necessary to meet this requirement until covered by a stabilising method as required by the Engineer, e.g. mulch, established grass.

When Council water supply restrictions apply, the Contractor shall use an alternative water supply, the details of which shall be detailed within either the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Resource Consent or Council requirements. Should this alternative supply limit the area of controllable earthworks to less than that currently open, the Contractor shall ensure that all areas in excess of the controllable area are suitably stabilised and only work within an area that can be suitably controlled.

If at any time the Engineer believes that dust control is not being maintained on site as approved under the plan, the Engineer may order a stop to construction works until dust control is properly managed. Any stoppage so ordered will not be grounds for an extension to the Contract period.

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