Infrastructure Development Code


  1. The minimum specification for guided boring shall be as follows:
    1. Pipes shall be fitted behind a boring head and follow the pipe, driven through the ground by the boring machine, after predrilling a pilot hole.
    2. Excavation of the face shall be carried out by the boring head, with the spoil removed by slurry pumping, or auger.
    3. The applied jacking force shall be distributed between the tunnelling head and the last pipe in the pipe string.
    4. The boring head uses the pilot hole for grade and directional control. 
  2. Where PVC-U pipes with restrained rubber ring joints are used for boring, the maximum length of boring shall be 120m or as recommended by the pipe manufacturer. 
  3. Any bending of the pipes, boring or tensile loads applied to the pipe during insertion into the bored hole shall not exceed the manufacturers recommendation.

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