Infrastructure Development Code


  1. The existing surfacing i.e. seal coats or asphalt shall be ripped and removed form site.
  2. The existing pavement shall be ripped and pulverised to the specified depth to allow shaping and, where required, overlaying of a nominal depth of basecourse as shown on the approved drawings.
  3. If, in the course of the work, it becomes apparent that the nominal depth of ripping is not practicable or appropriate, the Contractor shall inform the Engineer as soon as possible and shall not proceed without the Engineer's approval to a variation. Likewise the Engineer may order a variation in the nominal depth or extent of ripping.
  4. There shall be no claim for a variation in the rate under which this work is included in as a result of a variation in the depth or nature of ripped material, unless in the opinion of the Engineer this renders the Contractor's plant and methods to be impractical and the use of alternatives are required.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed by the Engineer, overbreak and any consequent backfilling or repair shall be the Contractor's responsibility.

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