Infrastructure Development Code


  1. Methods shall be used that will provide a smooth, clean and even surface on the exposed faces of all concrete work. These methods shall also put the required finish directly on the structural concrete without the use of mortar renderings, provided that, if specific prior approval of the Engineer is obtained, the channel may be finished with a layer of separately applied mortar. In such a case, the mortar shall consist of not more than 2 parts of approved sand to 1 of cement. It shall be nominally 6mm in thickness and shall be placed before the initial set of the concrete and within 2 hours of placing the concrete.
  2. Alternatively, a mortar layer to the above consistency may be applied in conjunction with the laying of the kerb and channel if the kerb and channel is laid by machine and the machine is designed for such use.
  3. The top and face of the kerb and the channel surface shall be floated over with a steel tool before the mortar has finally set. No depressions which may hold water will be permitted.
  4. The surface finish of all kerb and channel, whether machine laid or hand laid, shall be uniform in colour, texture and shape.

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