Infrastructure Development Code


  1. Two Coat Seal (First Coat with Wet Locking Coat):
    1. A two coat chip seal as described in CS-18.1 Two Coat Seal (First Coat with Wet Locking Coat) shall be applied to the prepared basecourse surface.
  2. Open Graded Porous Asphalt Overlay:
    1. The friction-mix overlay shall be laid in accordance with NZTA Specification P/11 Open Graded Porous Asphalt.
    2. The friction-mix sealing shall comprise the supply and spraying of NZTA Specification M/1 Roading Bitumens tack coat with a quick breaking cationic bituminous emulsion and the supply, spreading and rolling of NZTA Specification M/11 Pre-Coat Sealing Chips
    3. Before laying the open graded porous asphalt, the new first coat chip seal shall be brought up to a suitable standard.

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