Infrastructure Development Code


  1. All existing berm features which are to be removed shall be broken up and lifted out to cause minimum damage to the surroundings.
  2. The outer limits of these marked areas shall be sawcut (except in the case of paving blocks or grass verges) before the damaged features are removed to provide a tidy interface between existing and replacement work.
  3. Where salvaging of materials is specified, care shall be taken to ensure that as little damage as possible is done to units that are to be recovered, e.g. sumps, gratings, frames, stormwater piping, etc. The units shall be neatly stacked on site to await removal and shall not obstruct any footpath, vehicle crossing or roadway.
  4. All spoil, broken path, concrete, etc, not for reuse, shall be removed from the site and lawfully disposed of.

Definitions in this section