Infrastructure Development Code


  1. The pavement course shall be constructed of bedding sand and/or GAP metal (TNZ-AP metal on occasions) and shall form a compacted pavement depth conforming to the design cross-sections.
  2. Where existing metal paths or vehicle crossing areas are to be upgraded on the same alignment (and are basically required to be "built up"), less added metal may be required to achieve the specified pavement depth, provided the existing metal is considered suitable by the Engineer.
  3. For asphalt paths the final pavement surface shall have a tight stone mosaic surface, with no loose metal, suitable for the application of either a tack coat and an asphalt layer or a chip seal surfacing as appropriate. A skin of GAP20 may need to be added to GAP40 areas and compacted into place to achieve this.
  4. All pavement course shall be compacted to refusal in lifts of not more than 100mm.

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