Infrastructure Development Code


  1. The Contractor shall ensure that the newly established grass is protected from damage by pedestrian and vehicular traffic until such time as the grass growth has reached a self-sustaining state.
  2. The Contractor shall be responsible for watering the grassed areas as required to achieve an efficient seed germination and maintain satisfactory growth throughout the defects liability period. Watering shall begin when the root zone moisture is depleted to 50% and shall ensure full re-wetting of the root zone to 200mm depth.
  3. During the establishment, the Contractor shall maintain the newly grassed areas as follows:
    1. Upon the grass reaching 100mm of height, it shall be cut to 50-60mm high.
    2. For subsequent mowings, the mowing frequency shall be governed by the growth rate or as instructed by the Engineer.
    3. Minimum period of 2 days before second cut to 30-40mm. The second cut shall not remove more than 1/3 of length.
    4. The turf shall be maintained free of all broadleaf weeds.
    5. Areas with a poor strike of grass shall be either recultivated and resown or undersown at the Contractor’s expense.
    6. Upon completion of mowing, all grass clippings shall be collected and removed from all sown grass areas except non-kerb and channel berms. All clippings shall be removed from adjacent hard surfaces.
    7. Edges of all sown grass adjoining cultivated gardens, borders, hard paving, sealed surfaces or landscape structures shall be trimmed to the edge or controlled by herbicide to within 25mm of flat surfaces or 50mm of vertical structures. Grass shall not be allowed to encroach over flat, sealed or paved surfaces by more than 25mm.

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