Infrastructure Development Code


In the event that a defined construction sequence is required by the Resource Consent, conditions of contract or because of the nature of the works, the Contractor shall submit an Earthworks Management Plan for the earthworks to the Engineer. This plan shall be subject to the approval of the Engineer and shall comply with any internal completion dates or order of works as set out by the Engineer.

The Earthworks Management Plan shall include:

  1. Programme/s clearly showing the proposed earthworks sequence identifying the activities that affect earthworks operations and the effects of those activities on the programme.
  2. Details of compaction trials, including proposed optimum material handling and treatment, methods and procedures for conditioning of soils and proposed construction plant requirements.
  3. An estimate of quantities of the various types of material including the proportion of unsuitable and suitable material and including of the location of cut and fill placement for each material type.
  4. An assessment and method for monitoring the volumes of cut, fill, unsuitable material and debris.
  5. Details of how any Bay of Plenty Regional Council/Council Resource Consent conditions and/or other environmental requirements are to be met.
  6. Procedures for monitoring earthworks compaction compliance, i.e. quality assurance procedures, with timely reporting of results and procedures for identifying and rectifying non-compliances.

The Earthworks Management Plan shall be updated and revised as necessary as the works proceed.

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