Infrastructure Development Code


The Contractor shall preserve and maintain all earthworks, including partly completed earthworks, within their specified standard/s and shall make good, at their own cost, any earthworks which have failed to meet the specified standards.

The Contractor shall carry out the works in a way that the passage of construction plant over areas of fill or cut formed to final profiles is minimised. Areas of fill or cut that are softened or otherwise damaged due to repeated passage of construction plant shall be undercut and replaced. The Engineer shall inspect and approve the depth and extent of any such undercutting and the requirements for the replacement materials.

At all times the Contractor shall arrange for attendance by plant, labour and supervision to ensure safe operation of control devices such settlement ponds, cut-off drains, silt fences and outlets.

Control systems shall be cleared and maintained regularly to ensure they perform in accordance with their design until all works are to a standard where risk of adverse effects from the works are minimal. Silt/materials removed from interception and settlement works shall be spread to dry in areas as approved by the Engineer as material for use in the construction of earth fill and/or disposed of as directed by removal to a suitable legal dump site away from the site of works.

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