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  4. Quality Assurance Information Requirements
    1. QA-1 Resource Consent Application Requirements
    2. QA-2 Works Undertaken By or For a Council
    3. QA-3 Development Works Approval
    4. QA-4 Survey Plan (s223) Approval
    5. QA-5 Final Sign Off (s224c) Application Requirements
    6. QA-6 As-Built Information
    7. QA-7 Bonds and Maintenance Fee
    8. QA-8 Building Consent Considerations
  5. Design Standards
    1. DS-1 General Provisions
    2. DS-2 Streetscape
    3. DS-3 Reserves
    4. DS-4 Transportation Network
    5. DS-5 Stormwater
    6. DS-6 Wastewater
    7. DS-7 Water Supply
    8. DS-8 Public Lighting
    9. DS-9 Network Utilities
    10. DS-10 Natural Hazards & Earthworks
    11. DS-11 Road Zone/Road Reserve Occupancy
    12. DS-12 Building Consent Considerations
  6. Standard Drawings
    1. SD-1 General Provisions
    2. Street design diagrams
    3. T100 Perspective Drawings
    4. T200 Streetscape
    5. T300 Reserves
    6. T400 Transport Network
    7. T500 Stormwater
    8. T600 Wastewater
    9. T700 Water Supply
    10. T800 Public Lighting
    11. AB As-Built Drawings
  7. Approved Materials
  8. Construction Standards
    1. CS-1 General
    2. CS-2 Site Clearance
    3. CS-3 Earthworks
    4. CS-4 Excavation
    5. CS-5 Excavation in Trench
    6. CS-6 Fill
    7. CS-7 Bedding & Backfill
    8. CS-8 Subsoil Drainage for Earthworks & Roads
    9. CS-9 Pipework
    10. CS-10 Pipe Fittings
    11. CS-11 Manholes & Rodding Eyes
    12. CS-12 Sumps
    13. CS-13 Trenchless Technology
    14. CS-14 Road Ripping
    15. CS-15 Road Pavement Layers
    16. CS-16 Kerb & Channel
    17. CS-17 Concrete Work
    18. CS-18 Carriageway Surfacing
    19. CS-19 Roadmarking
    20. CS-20 Berm Features
    21. CS-21 Street Structures
    22. CS-22 Road Maintenance
    23. CS-23 Grassing & Turfing
    24. CS-24 Vegetation Planting & Gardens
    25. CS-25 Reinstatement
  9. Inspection & Testing Requirements
    1. IT-1 General Provision
    2. IT-2 Streetscape
    3. IT-3 Reserves
    4. IT-4 Transportation Network
    5. IT-5 Stormwater
    6. IT-6 Wastewater
    7. IT-7 Water Supply
    8. IT-8 Public Lighting
    9. IT-9 Network Utilities
Infrastructure Development Code

DS-1.17 Streetscape


The standard and appearance of street trees, plantings, paving, walls, fences, seats and other structures play an important role in establishing the identity, quality, amenity, visual interest and character of a subdivision.

DS-1.17.1   Design Elements

The following shall be considered during the design process:

  1. The streetscape should reflect the functions and characteristics of the road type in the network.
  2. Incorporate existing significant vegetation where possible.
  3. Ensure that the streetscape is sensitive to the character of the neighbourhood and preserves important views and vistas.
  4. Provision of street trees. Avoid locating trees where they are likely to interfere with services, driveways and parking bays or be removed at a future date.
  5. Take advantage of opportunities for groups of trees in appropriately-sized pockets, and in corners created by the layout of lots.
  6. Provide adequate grass berms or tree-pits to allow the trees to grow to maturity. This may mean locating the street tree adjacent to a lot boundary.
  7. Ensure the species is well suited to local conditions, being tolerant of wind, frosts, droughts, wet conditions and salt spray, and are easily maintained.
  8. Select tree species that will grow to an appropriate height and canopy for the location, width of street, and for ongoing maintenance. On wider streets, use larger trees, either in lines or groves. Avoid shrub species that block sightlines of pedestrians and vehicles.
  9. Use locally sourced indigenous trees to enhance biodiversity.
  10. Hard-landscape (paving areas etc.) to be robust and designed such that it does not place an onerous long-term maintenance liability on the Council.
  11. Coordinate planting works with seasonal preferences for plant establishment, and subdivision development completion.
  12. Council parks staff, landscape architect and arborists are available to provide information and guidance on streetscape opportunities during design.

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