Infrastructure Development Code


Key issues that influence quality of the built environment include:

  1. Rationale underpins all good design. A clear design process that addresses all the inherent issues will produce a better subdivision than a solution based on compliance with statutory requirements.
  2. Context in which the subdivision is located, including the existing urban, landscape and social setting. Context provides the parameters of the design
  3. Layout should contribute to the local identity by acknowledging and reinforcing site characteristics, surrounding environment, notable features, views, and identified region-wide strategic initiatives.
  4. Integrate subdivision with surrounding neighbourhoods, through the vehicle, cycle and pedestrian links and connected open space networks.
  5. Connect vehicle, cycle and pedestrian routes to provide accessibility and choice in the local area, to reduce travel distances, vehicle emissions, and support public transport.
  6. Access to public parks, open space, bus stops and community facilities needs to be convenient, preferably within 400 -800m walk. 
  7. Reinforce existing local focal points and provide new nodes and focal points logically on the movement network.
  8. Safe developments have lots fronting the road and public open spaces, allowing informal surveillance of the public realm from dwellings.
  9. Vary lot sizes and allow compatible uses to encourage a diverse community.
  10. Open public spaces need to be safe, legible and cost effective to maintain and provide for a variety of recreation uses.
  11. Low impact approaches to managing the effects of development such as stormwater run-off helps maintain and protect the long-term environmental quality.
  12. Protect and enhance ecological and heritage features to add value and uniqueness to the subdivision.
  13. Consult stakeholders and affected parties throughout the design process being initiated. In particular in discussion with Tangata Whenua cultural landscape values should be recognised and applied.
  14. Strategic planning sets the framework for Tauranga City and thus parameters for any subdivision.  

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