Infrastructure Development Code


Earthworks for subdivision and building platforms can have substantial and cumulative effects on the aquatic receiving environment, silting streams and estuaries, and altering catchments. Earthworks can significantly alter topography, which otherwise adds to the local character and identity of the subdivision.

Earthworks are often a considerable expense to the developer and can have adverse effects if poorly managed. Preferred design solutions limit the extent of earthworks, reduce erosion and sedimentation, and retain the site’s natural features.

DS-1.14.1   Design Elements

The following shall be considered during the design process:

  1. Limiting the earthworks (volume and area). Avoid disturbing the natural landform and steep slopes and thus adverse effects on aquatic environments. Excavate only the areas required for building platforms and access.
  2. Designing the layout of roads and lots to work with the natural form of the site.
  3. Retaining the site’s topsoil, allowing the landscape to develop with new dwellings and avoiding the need to dispose large volumes of spoil.

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