Infrastructure Development Code


It is essential that the development of land provides a safe area for the construction of buildings, infrastructure and other structures. To provide for this and the outcome requirements of the City Plan, this section of the IDC sets out the requirements for:

  1. Assessing and ensuring the suitability of land.
  2. Assessing and ensuring the stability of land.
  3. The design, construction and certification of earthworks. 

Some sites may be acceptable in their natural state, but many developments modify the predevelopment landforms and drainage patterns. Potential adverse effects can include slope instability, flood damage, erosion, sedimentation, water pollution and ecosystem damage. 

Explanatory Note:
It is recommended that developments are designed to minimise changes to landform except in circumstances where a Geo-Professional assesses that the natural landform presents risks to health, infrastructure or the environment.

Definitions in this section

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