Infrastructure Development Code


Drawing Ref: T215T216,T240, T241, T242, T243, T244, T245

The following shall apply:

  1. Open space structures include (but are not limited to) street furniture, sculptures, walls, fences, screens, bollards, entranceways, posts, etc. and may be of materials such as concrete, brick, stone, rock and timber. Durability and maintenance requirements shall be considered.
  2. Where street furniture (rubbish bins, seating, etc.) is proposed as part of a development it shall have a design life of no less than 15 years.
  3. Structures shall not obstruct signs, sight lines at intersections and pedestrian crossings. Separation distances must be considered together with trees and other landscaping features.
  4. Structures shall be designed to safely withstand appropriate loadings and must not create a hazard.
  5. Entrance features shall be located on private lots and the certificate of title shall include a legal mechanism setting out the maintenance requirements to be undertaken by the lot owner.
  6. Any proposed furniture or structure shall be:
    1. Robust, low maintenance, able to be safely used by the public and treated with approved graffiti guard.
  7. Fully constructed and complete before hand over to Council.

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