Infrastructure Development Code


The following shall apply:

  1. Species are to be selected with regard to overall composition, low maintenance and longevity and shall comply with Council’s Vegetation Management Strategy, planting policies and the current Plant Pest Management Strategy.
  2. A list of inappropriate species has been included in DS-3 Apx B.1 Inappropriate Tree and Plant Species List. There may be species other than those listed that may be acceptable to Council. Designers are encouraged to consult with the Council regarding acceptable tree and plant species before submission of streetscape plans.
  3. No plant shall be used which is identified as a National Surveillance Plant Pest or is listed by Bay of Plenty Regional Council as a plant pest. 
  4. The number of species used shall be consistent to ensure a unified result. The species choice in street gardens shall compliment the street planting, the environment and the scale of the surroundings. 
  5. The following matters are to be considered in species selection:
    1. Environmental conditions e.g. ground moisture, wind, etc.
    2. Tolerance to amenity situation.
    3. Effect of leaf debris on drainage systems.
    4. Pest and disease resistance.
    5. Non-suckering habit.
    6. Longevity.
    7. Shading issues.
    8. Minimum maintenance requirements.
    9. Invasive root systems.
    10. Effect of berries on paved surfaces.
  6. Before planting, all species are to be quality inspected and approved by Council.

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