Infrastructure Development Code


Smaller pump stations serving no more than 6 residential lots/dwellings are permissible. These pump stations shall:

  1. Remain in private ownership
  2. Be managed by a Body Corporate, Incorporated Society or other similar suitable ownership/management structure 
  3. Be located on private property 
  4. Not be vested in Council
  5. Be designed, constructed, operated & maintained to prohibit the general public coming into direct contact with wastewater.
  6. Not allow intrusion of stormwater & groundwater
  7. Provide for a minimum of 9 hours onsite emergency storage based on the average dry weather flow, measured between the first stage alarm level & the point of overflow.  Storage shall be in a designed chamber.
  8. Be located in areas that are geotechnically suitable for the system proposed.  This requires that no more than 10mm of settlement from the completed structure can occur & a safety factor of 1.25 against flotation is achieved.
  9. The design life for the pump station plant shall be: 50 years except for electrical & mechanical components which shall have a minimum of 15 years & telemetry equipment a minimum of 10 years.

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