Infrastructure Development Code


Drawing Ref: T660

The Council’s typical wastewater pumping station layout details are shown on the Standard Drawings. Alternative layouts or prefabricated stations may be considered for approval on a case by case basis.

Pump stations shall be located on a separate lot solely for that purpose and be provided with a permanent access. An adequate turning area shall be incorporated adjoining the station wet well and control cabinet to accommodate light commercial maintenance vehicles, unless immediate access to the roadway is possible. Control cabinets shall not be situated close to carriageways in a position where it may be damaged by out of control vehicles.

In addition to the land required to construct a pump station, wet well and valve chamber, an area of 5.0m x 5.0m shall also be made available to accommodate a biofilter either at the time of construction or in the future.

DS-6.13.1   Secondary Storage Well

Where a secondary storage well is to be provided in addition to the pump wet well it shall be positioned near the valve chamber to allow ready access.

DS-6.13.2   Receiving Manhole

The manhole immediately upstream of a pump station shall be a minimum of 1200mmØ. 

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