Infrastructure Development Code


The following shall apply:

  1. Unless otherwise approved by Council, the design of public lighting shall be in accordance with the IDC and may be supplemented by the documents noted in DS-8 Appendix A.1 General.
  2. All lighting requirements shall be designed by a person who holds an industry standard qualification for such designs, using a recognised computer design system.
  3. Public Lighting (other than street lighting in a designated public road), may require a Resource Consent and / or a Building Consent.
  4. The installation shall be designed for economic use of energy.
  5. Alternative design solutions utilising computer calculations based upon Commission Internationale de L'éclairage (CIE) standards are acceptable provided that clear correlation is supplied to prove equivalence with the current version of AS/NZS 1158 for the specific project parameters
  6. Detailed design shall be required at the time of Development Works Approval. Where no Development Works Approval is required, Council approval shall be obtained at a time required by Council and before to the construction of the system.

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