Infrastructure Development Code


The following shall also be considered as part of the design process:

  1. DS-9.5.1 Trenchless Technology.
  2. DS-9.5.2 Easements.

DS-9.5.1 Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology may be preferred or required for alignments passing through or under:

  1. Environmentally sensitive areas.
  2. Built-up or congested areas to minimise disruption and reinstatement.
  3. Railway and major road crossings.
  4. Significant vegetation.
  5. Vehicular crossings.

Refer to CS-13 Trenchless Technology for information on trenchless technology installation.

DS-9.5.2 Easements

Any network utilities that have alignment through land which is not owned by the Utility Operator shall require an easement in gross over that network utility.

Please refer to:

  1. DS-1.22 Easements
  2. DS-1.22.10 Easements: Network Utilities

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