Infrastructure Development Code


Due to the size of the IDC, its changeable nature and the wide range of issues and processes it covers, the IDC is provided as an online document on the Tauranga City Council website

The website includes:

  1. An online version of the IDC. 
  2. A printable version of the IDC (for anyone to print for themselves).
  3. Web pages for specific areas or processes aligned to the IDC.
  4. Management tools for the IDC e.g. Table of Amendments, Historical Codes of Practice.
  5. Tools for practitioner use e.g. calculation tools
  6. Contact information
Explanatory Note:
The online version of the IDC is the latest operative version of the IDC. It is recommended that practitioners who print their own copies of the IDC (or parts of) refer to the webpage to ensure they remain up to date. 

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