Infrastructure Development Code


The Resource Management Act is the leading statute under which the development of Tauranga City is defined and undertaken. The City Plan is the key resource management document utilised by Council to achieve the principles and requirements of the Resource Management Act. Councils Environmental Planners are responsible for all matters relating to the City Plan, the Resource Consent process and associated statutory requirements.

The City Plan includes Infrastructure Performance Standards. These along with other infrastructure related clauses within the City Plan, set performance requirements that must be achieved for infrastructure development within Tauranga City. They form part of the assessment criteria for Resource Consent and will, where appropriate, be reflected in the conditions of a Resource Consent

The IDC is a document that sits outside the City Plan. If, when considering development applications, conflict occurs between requirements outlined in the City Plan and the IDC then the City Plan requirement take precedence. 

In simple and generalised terms, the City Plan provides the requirements for the “What can I do?” for infrastructure development.

The IDC provides the requirements for “How do I do it?” by providing the means to achieve compliance with the conditions of the Resource Consent.

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