Infrastructure Development Code


The following abbreviations are used in the IDC:

1V:2H - V=Vertical lift (metre(s)) H=Horizontal distance (metre(s))
ADT - Average Daily Traffic Volume
ADWF - Average Daily Water Flow
AEE - Assessment of Environmental Effects
AEP - Annual Exceedance Probability
AGBT - Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology
AP - All Passing (aggregate)
AS - Australian Standard
AS/NZS - Joint Australian and New Zealand Standard
Austroads - Association of Australian and New Zealand Road Transport and Traffic Authorities
BS - British Standard
CAD - Computer Aided Design
CAR - Corridor Access Request
CBD - Central Business District
CBR - California Bearing Ratio
CCTV - Closed Circuit Television
CD-ROM - Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CGEA - California Geotechnical Engineers Association
CoPTTM - Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management
CPEng - Chartered Professional Engineer
CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
DDTS - Digital Data Transfer Standard
DN - Nominal Diameter of Pipe
DVD - Digital Video Disk
ENZ - Engineering New Zealand (previously known as IPENZ)
ESA - Equivalent Standard Axles
FAF - Feature Attribute File
FRP - Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
GAP - Graded All Passing (aggregate)
GIS - Geographical Information System
g/m³ - Grams per cubic metre
GST - Goods and Services Tax
H - Hour(s) 
Ha - Hectare(s)
HCV - Heavy Commercial Vehicles
HN-HO - Bridge Design HN=Highway Normal Loading HO= Highway Overload Loading
IANZ - International Accreditation New Zealand
ID - Internal Diameter of Pipe
IDC - Infrastructure Development Code
ISO - International Organisation for Standardisation
IP - Ingress Protection Rating for Lighting
kg/ha - Kilograms per hectare
kN - Kilonewton(s)
kPa - Kilopascal(s)
Kph - Kilometres per hour
kV - Kilovolt(s)
L - Litre(s)
LID - Low Impact Design
LIM - Land Information Memorandum
LINZ - Land Information New Zealand
L/m² - Litres per square metre
L/s - Litres per second
LTP - Long Term Plan
m - Metre(s)
- Square metre(s)
- Cubic metre(s)
MDD - Maximum Dry Density
MDPE - Medium Density Polyethylene
min - Minute(s)
mm - Millimetre(s)
mm² - Square Millimetre(s)
MOTSAM - New Zealand Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings
MPa - Megapascal(s)
m/s - Metres per second
µm - Micrometre(s)
NAASRA - National Association of Australia State Road Authorities
NZ - New Zealand
NZQA - New Zealand Qualifications Authority
NZFS - New Zealand Fire Service
NZS - New Zealand Standard
NZS/BS - Joint New Zealand Standard and British Standard
NZTA - New Zealand Transport Agency
NZTM - New Zealand Transverse Mercator Coordinates
OD - Outside Diameter (of Pipe)
Pb - Planter Bag (for tree sizing)
PE - Polyethylene
PIM - Project Information Memorandum
PN - Pressure Nominal (maximum rated operating pressure)
PP - Polypropylene Pipe
pph - Parts per hundred
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
PVC-M - Modified Polyvinyl Chloride
PVC-O - Orientated Polyvinyl Chloride
PVC-U - Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride
RCRRJ - Reinforced Concrete Rubber Ring Jointed Pipe
REBRI - Resource Efficiency in the Building and Related Industries
ROW - Right of Way
RPZ - Reduced Pressure Zone
RRJ - Rubber Ring Jointed
SN - Stiffness Rating
s223 - Section 223 of the Resource Management Act
s224 - Section 224 of the Resource Management Act
SOMAC - Standardisation of Maintenance Allocated Contracts
TCC - Tauranga City Council
USB - Universal Serial Bus
V - Volt(s)
Vpd - Vehicles per day
WAN - Works Approval Notice
WBOPDC - Western Bay of Plenty District Council
WCN - Works Completion Notice
XML - Extensible Markup Language Format
.csv - Comma Separated Variable File
.dwg - Drawing File
.dxf - Drawing Exchange Format File
.pdf - Portable Document Format File
° - Degrees
°C - Degrees Celsius
Ø - Diameter
% - Percentage