Infrastructure Development Code


All testing of soils, earthworks, materials and pavements to determine:

  1. Soils properties and performance criteria.
  2. Compliance of earthworks with Geo-Professionals earthworks design.
  3. Confirmation of materials properties for pavements.
  4. Pavement compliance testing.

Shall be undertaken by a company (laboratory) who is accredited with IANZ for mechanical testing in compliance with NZS ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories and specific technical criteria where appropriate.

Where the testing company (laboratory) is employed to undertake the testing associated with b) above, then the Geo-Professional, or their delegate, shall be the only person to direct the activities of the testing company to ensure the testing requirements for the earthfill are met. Regular frequent contact shall occur between the testing company and Geo-Professional during earthworks testing to ensure that the location and frequency of the earthworks testing meets the Geo-Professional's requirements.

Where the testing company is employed to undertake testing associated with either c) or d) above then the testing company shall be directed and managed solely by the Engineer or their Representative. Frequent contact shall occur between the testing company and Engineer during pavement testing to ensure that the location, frequency and results of the testing meets the Engineer's design requirements.

Explanatory Note:
The testing company forms an integral part of the Geo-Professional's or Engineer's certification of the earthworks, determining the long term viability of any new or modified landform, the pavement and determining the long term serviceability of the new or re-constructed road. It can't be stressed enough that the Geo-Professional and/or Engineer be the sole manager of the testing company's testing activities on their behalf.

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