Infrastructure Development Code


  1. Development Works

Prior to works commencing, the Consent Holder’s Representative shall provide to Council, in writing, the names of three (3) proposed CCTV providers, including their proposed inspection rates and the length of pipelines to be inspected. (Inspection rates shall be quoted in $/ lin. m) 

Council will consider the three (3) proposed providers and their respective inspection rates and confirm in the Development Works Approval which CCTV provider Council agrees to undertaking the CCTV inspection works. Where Council considers the rates provided by the CCTV providers are too expensive, Council may require the Consent Holder to engage a CCTV provider of Council nomination. 

The Consent Holder’s Representative shall then engage the services of the agreed/nominated CCTV provider to undertake the CCTV inspection for the development as and when required. 

  1. Capital Works

The Contractor shall engage the services of a CCTV provider in accordance with the conditions of contract.

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Development works

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