Infrastructure Development Code


The Consent Holder's Representative or the Engineer are responsible for ensuring that the formal inspections/tests are undertaken in accordance with the IDC. Council also undertakes random informal inspections during the course of the works.

Council attends these inspections/tests:

  1. As a co-stakeholder of infrastructure development with the emphasis on the construction of quality assets that will be vested in Council ownership and/or private assets that connect to and therefore have an effect on public assets.
  2. To ensure good industry practice that benefits all stakeholders, especially the general public and to ensure the quality, longevity and maintenance of the assets in the future.

Development Works

Type 1 Process

  1. Unless notified otherwise in the Development Works Approval, Type 1 developments require the following 2 inspections:
    1. A pre-backfill inspection for all services intended for Council ownership. 
    2. The Final Inspection.
  2. .Usually, no formal testing of services is required for smaller developments where the only assets being created are service connections or short laterals or connections to reticulation mains.
  3. Testing is required where the services being constructed involve reticulation mains, ridermains, manholes or the like. In these cases testing shall be undertaken in accordance with IT-1.4 Asset Inspection/Testing Requirements.
  4. The final inspection will ensure that assets constructed meet the required standards. 

Type 2 Process

  1. Unless notified otherwise in the Development Works Approval, Type 2 developments shall undertake the inspections and testing in accordance with IT-1.4 Asset Inspection/Testing Requirements and IT-1.6 Final Inspection.

Capital Works

  1. Refer to the contract documents for testing requirements.

Inspections and tests organised or undertaken by the Project Engineer shall be as provided for by this section of the IDC.

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