Infrastructure Development Code


  1. Council shall be notified in writing (includes email) by the Consent Holder's Representative or Engineer at least 2 full working days before the formal inspection/test is required. The request to undertake a formal inspection/test shall confirm that the work has been pre-inspected/pre-tested by the Engineer and Contractor and is ready for inspection by Council.
  2. The request for a formal inspection/test shall be made to the Council's Representative assigned to the project. Council will not respond to any request for inspection/test from any party other than the Consent Holder's Representative or Engineer or made to any other staff member other than the assigned Council's Representative.
  3. If no response is received within 2 full working days, the applicant shall call Council to check that Council has received the request. Works may proceed 3 working days after written notification has been sent to Council and no response has been received.
  4. Unless otherwise advised, all equipment required for the formal inspection/test shall be provided by the Consent Holder's Representative on-site and ready for use in the inspection. This includes any equipment required for confined space inspections. Where this equipment is not available on site then the inspection/test will be re-scheduled. An additional fee will be charged to the Consent Holder for Council to return to the site for the rescheduled inspection/test.
  5. Where Council is unable to attend a formal inspection/test, it may engage a third party to attend on its behalf. Where this occurs the applicant will be notified in writing, confirming what arrangements/reporting Council may require to certify that the works meet the required inspection/testing criteria. Once the required reporting has been received by the Consent Holder's Representative, Council will again notify in writing that the works may proceed.
  6. To arrange for Council to observe a formal inspection/test, please contact the Council's Representative via writing (email) or phone.
Explanatory Note:
All telephone requests for observation require a written request as well.

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