Infrastructure Development Code


  1. For the requirements of inspection/testing for each different asset group, refer to the following:
    1. IT-2 Streetscape.
    2. IT-3 Reserves.
    3. IT-4 Transportation Network.
    4. IT-5 Stormwater.
    5. IT-6 Wastewater.
    6. IT-7 Water Supply.
    7. IT-8 Public Lighting.
    8. IT-9 Network Utilities.
  2. Unless advised by Council, all equipment required for the formal inspection/testing shall be provided by the Contractor and/or Engineer on-site and be ready for use for the inspection/test. This includes all equipment and requirements for confined space entry.
  3. Where applicable, all inspections/tests shall be reported on Council's standard inspection/testing sheets and signed by:
    1. The Contractor’s Representative (as the party who constructed the works to be inspected/tested).
    2. The Engineer (as the party responsible for the certification of the works).
    3. Council’s approved representative (as the party acting as co-stakeholder for development of quality assets on Council’s behalf).
  4. Where inspection/testing sheets are not provided, the results shall be formalised in writing by the Engineer and signed as per c) above.

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