Infrastructure Development Code


Refer to IT-1 General Provisions for the procedure for initiating inspection by Council Representatives.

IT-2.1.1 Formal Inspections 

The following inspections shall be advised to and undertaken with Council’s Representatives:

  1. Inspection of plant/tree species prior to commencement of planting. 
  2. Completion of all planting, surfacing and structures. Street trees shall satisfy the requirements of inspection sheet IS-2.1 Tree.
  3. Should inspection of other streetscape features be required, Council shall advise in writing what inspections are required.
  4. Final inspection as specified in IT-1 General Provisions.​

IT-2.1.2 Random Inspections

Council will undertake random inspections of all site features throughout the construction period to ensure good industry practices and compliance with all requirements for the infrastructure development are being followed.

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