Infrastructure Development Code


In addition to development works that are undertaken by private sector Developers, Council also undertakes infrastructure development on behalf of its community. This type of infrastructure development is typically undertaken through a:

  1. Capital Works Project that may be:
    1. A reflection of a desired community outcome.
    2. Identified within Council's Long Term Plan (LTP) process. 
    3. Identified by Council as an upgrade, replacement or renewal of significant assets.
    4. Significant in benefit and cost.

These projects are typically subject to an investigation and procurement process to define the outcome of the works and how to achieve it. 

  1. Maintenance or Operational activity that:
    1. Is identified by the use of Council's existing infrastructure or assets. 
    2. Will result in a beneficial addition, upgrade, replacement or renewal of an asset.
    3. May provide an operational and financial benefit for Council and the community during the use of the infrastructure. 

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