Infrastructure Development Code


Council recommends that the Consent Holder's Representative engage Council’s Development Engineers during the design process and prior to submitting an application for Development Works Approval, by participating in a pre-application meeting. This will enable both parties to discuss any areas of risk, IDC departures or any other area that may be of concern to either party.

The pre-application meeting is not mandatory, however the purpose of the meeting is to ensure any issues are discussed and agreed on to ensure that detailed design work is not done unnecessarily due to Council requiring the development works to be substantially re-designed or amended. It also means the time to assess and approve the Development Works Approval may be reduced as a result of development details being understood prior to design and application for Development Works Approval.

Explanatory Note:
Although Council is supportive of innovation and new ideas, it is unreasonable for an applicant to provide something new or different to the IDC and expect the processing time for the design to be the same as that for known IDC designs. To confirm the information Council requires regarding something different to the IDC, applicants are advised that the requirements of GEN-6 IDC Departures shall be followed, supplemented by a pre-application meeting to ensure clarity for all parties.

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