Infrastructure Development Code


A Survey Plan is certified by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to confirm the exact areas and dimensions of the new lots created by the subdivision, details of any easements, amalgamation conditions, covenant areas or specified building areas.

Before Council can process the Final Sign-Off (s224) Application Information, approval of the survey plan is required from Council followed by approval and deposit by Land Information New Zealand. The survey plan is submitted to Council under s223 of the Resource Management Act

Council must ensure that the subdivision layout and provisions are correct and that all conditions of the Resource Consent that relate to s223 have been (or will be) satisfied. 

This could include matters such as:

  1. Vesting of land for roads and reserves.
  2. Number, identification of allotments and their areas.
  3. Granting or reserving of easements.
Explanatory Note: 
Obtaining your s223 certification from Council demonstrates that your survey plan is in accordance with your approved Resource Consent. This approval enables Land Information New Zealand to issue new titles. 

For more information on Survey Plan approvals contact a Council Environmental Planner or refer to Subdivision consents.

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