Infrastructure Development Code


In the event of the As-Built information being incorrect, Council may decline to accept the information.

It is the responsibility of the parties supplying the As-Built information to ensure compliance with the IDC.

Where Council incurs costs due to processing of As-Built information found to be non-compliant, Council may recover the cost of the location and/or construction works from the:

  1. Consent Holder/Consent Holder’s Representative for Subdivision Development Works
  2. Engineer for Capital and Maintenance Works
  3. Licensed Contractor for Service Connection Works 

Council’s receipt and acceptance of As-Built documentation, certificates and plans does not absolve those listed above of any responsibility for their accuracy or authenticity.

Where errors are found within the documentation, certificates and plans, Council may require correction of the errors by the information provider. 

Definitions in this section


Consent holder

Consent holder's representative



Licensed contractor