Infrastructure Development Code


Council requires all works to be complete, inspected and of a good quality prior to applying for s224. Unless included in a), b) or c) below, bonds for infrastructure will not generally be allowed and will only be considered in the most exceptional of circumstances. 

Council will consider bonds for:

  1. QA-7.2 Landscaping: Maintenance Works Bond
  2. QA-7.3 Landscaping: Incomplete Works Bond 
  3. QA-7.4 Other Bonds (where required by legislation for works in Brownfields areas or as part of a defined process).  

Where Council has agreed to enter into a bond agreement with the Consent Holder, then the person named on the bond document becomes the Bond Holder and assumes the responsibilities for completion of the bonded works. 

Council also allows for a maintenance works handover option. Please refer to QA-7.7 Landscaping: Maintenance Works Handover Fee for information on this option.

Bonds may not apply to Council Capital Works or Maintenance Works projects. 

Definitions in this section

Bond holder

Consent holder