Infrastructure Development Code


All requests for release of the bond monies must be for the full value of the bond and the request made after the completion of the bonded works. Prior to requesting the release of the bond monies, the Bond Holder and Consent Holder’s Representative shall have:

  1. Inspected the completed works to satisfy themselves that the works are complete in accordance with the IDC.
  2. Provided compliant as-built information (where applicable) and received as-built approval from Council.

The applicant shall then certify in writing that the outstanding works have been completed to the standard required by the IDC for the bonded items of work outlined in the bond document.

Council will inspect the works prior to releasing the bond. A fee will be charged for the inspection as set out in Councils Fees and Charges Manual and will be deducted from the refunded monies.

Definitions in this section

Bond holder

Consent holder's representative