Infrastructure Development Code


  1. The Standard Drawings are a representation of the minimum requirements for infrastructure development.
  2. All industry practitioners shall use the Standard Drawings within the IDC when designing, specifying, constructing or maintaining infrastructure to be:
    1. Transferred into Council ownership via a permitted activity (subdivision or land use).
    2. Constructed as part of a capital works project or contract on behalf of Council.
    3. Upgraded or maintained on behalf of Council through approved maintenance work.
    4. When a private infrastructure network connects to Council’s infrastructure.
  3. The Standard Drawings must be used irrespective of whether the asset is designed, specified, constructed or maintained via private works i.e. subdivision development or public works i.e. capital works infrastructure development.
  4. Care must be taken to ensure that the latest operative version of the IDC is used. Standard Drawings may be added to or deleted from the IDC. Update information will be available online and Council will make all efforts to ensure the lists are kept up to date.
  5. The Standard Drawings must be read in conjunction with:
    1. Other sections of the IDC.
    2. Any relevant contract plans.
    3. Any relevant contract specifications.
  6. Where no formal approved drawings exist, the Standard Drawings become the approved drawings by default.
  7. Should industry practitioners find any error in the Standard Drawings or wish to have a new drawing added to the IDC, advise the Manager: Asset Planning and Information who will process any such requests on behalf of Council

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