Infrastructure Development Code


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T101 SA1 - Four Lanes/Solid Median/Positive Crossfall

T102 SA2 -  Two Lanes/Solid Median/ Positive Crossfall

T103 SA3 -  Four Lanes/Solid Median/Positive Crossfall

T104 SA4 - Two Lanes/Solid Median/Negative Crossfall

T105 SA5 - Two Lanes/Solid Median/Positive Crossfall

T106 SA6 - Two Lanes/Painted Median/Positive Crossfall

T107 CR1 - Four Lanes/Solid Median/Positive Crossfall

T108 CR2 - Two lanes/Solid Median/Negative Crossfall

T109 CR3 - Two Lanes/Solid Median/Positive Crossfall

T111 CR5 - Two Lanes/No Median/Positive Crossfall

T112 C11 - Two Lanes/No Median/Positive Crossfall

T113 C12 - Service Lane

T114 LR1 - Two Lanes/Parking/Positive Crossfall

T115 LR2 - Two Lanes/No Median/Positive Crossfall

T116 LR3 - Two Lanes/No Median/Positive Crossfall

T117 LR4 - One Lane/Parking

T118 LR5 - One Lane/Passing Lane

T116-T118 Addendum to IDC Perspective Drawings T116, T117 and 118

T119 Residential Service Lanes SL1 & SL2

T120 Rural Residential Road - RR1 - Type 1

T121 Rural Residential Road - RR2 - Type 2

T123 Pedestrian/Cycle Accessway

T124 Private Way Serving 1 - 4 Independent Dwelling Units

T125 Private Way Serving 5 - 12 Independent Dwelling Units

T126 Private Way Rural

T130 Tauriko Business Estate - Zone Interface

T131 Tauriko Business Estate - Visual Mitigation Buffer

T132 Tauriko Business Estate 5m Planted Buffer Strip

T133 Tauriko Business Estate Secondary Arterial Road

T134 Tauriko Business Estate Collector Road

T135 Tauriko Business Estate Green Connector

T140 Wairakei Secondary Arterial Road Zone