Infrastructure Development Code


Valves shall be installed in the positions and to the detail shown on the approved drawings.

CS-10.2.1 Sluice Valves

For mains >50mm:

  1. Valves shall have a drip-tight seal upon closure and allow a full bore flow in the open position.
  2. Valves shall be flanged when laid next to another fitting (e.g. tees etc.). In line valves may be spigotted or socketed to take flexible joints (gibault or Z joint).
  3. All sluice valves 100mmØ and larger shall be strapped to a concrete anchor block.
  4. Valves shall have the same internal diameter as the main on which they are installed.

CS-10.2.2 Gate Valves

For mains <50mm:

  1. Valves on 50mmØ rider mains shall be clockwise closing gate valves as per 

AS 2638.2:2002

CS-10.2.3 Valve Boxes

  1. Valve boxes shall be constructed as per the approved drawings with the cast iron valve box set flush with the ground surface.
  2. The lid and concrete surround shall be painted white to NZTA M/7 Roadmarking Paints specification.

CS-10.2.4 Valve Indicator Posts

  1. The position of all valves on principal mains and rider mains shall be indicated by means of a concrete indicator posts as shown on the approved drawings.

Valve indicator posts shall be painted white to NZTA M/7 Roadmarking Paints specification.

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