Infrastructure Development Code


  1. Fertilising and grassing shall be carried out over all existing grassed areas disturbed by contract activity and other specified areas which may require reinstatement. In existing grassed areas, excessive compaction of the subsoil shall be relieved by subsoiling or similar as required to achieve satisfactory long term growing conditions.
  2. All topsoil removed to permit development or contract works to be carried out shall be stockpiled for reuse.
  3. All new grass areas shall be built on subgrades prepared to a California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of not less than 5 and no greater than 7. A minimum 100mm layer of clean, friable peat loam or sandy loam topsoil free of all perennial weeds, stones and rubbish shall be placed on the subgrade. If the subgrade has been backfilled with sand or if the existing subgrade material is of a sandy nature then the 100mm topsoil shall be of a heavier silt loam.
  4. Perennial weeds shall be sprayed according to manufacturer’s instructions and at least 14 days before cultivation with Glyphosate plus Versatil, if clover, thistles, etc. are a problem. All stones, rubbish and foreign materials shall be removed from the areas to be grassed and the whole area rotary hoed to the depth of the topsoil or 150mm whichever is the lesser.

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