Infrastructure Development Code


The Contractor shall comply with all requirements of compaction as specified in the Contract Documents or by the Geo Professional.

Unless instructed by the Geo-Professional the following shall apply:

  1. The Contractor shall employ sufficient dedicated compaction plant to achieve the specified compaction. Equipment used in transportation and spreading will not be accepted as compaction plant. Compaction plant shall cover the entire area of each layer of fill and give each layer a uniform degree of compaction. The combined operations of spreading and compacting shall be undertaken using systematic and properly managed procedures approved by the Engineer to ensure that each loose layer receives the required passes of the roller or other approved compaction equipment before further loose material is spread.
  2. When soil is to be dried the Contractor shall disc the soil and allow it to dry uniformly to its full depth. When the soil is to be wetted, this shall be done with sprinkler ensuring uniform and controlled distribution of water in conjunction with blading and disking. Steps shall be taken to ensure that cohesive fills are at the correct water content and not over-compacted to such an extent that excessive weaving of the fill occurs.
  3. Notwithstanding the Geo-Professional's specified testing requirements, he/she may also carry out spot tests of compaction at any time. The Contractor shall stop or divert machinery as required to allow the tests to be carried out. Where tests indicate that the specified standard of compaction has not been achieved, corrective action shall be taken to bring the fill to the standard required by the Geo-Professional. This may mean the affected fill must be reworked by scarifying, conditioning and recompacting or alternatively it may mean removing and replacing the fill with complying material is required.
  4. Competent and well-experienced site supervisors shall be provided by the Contractor to control procedures and shall carry out their duties primarily at the fill platform and not by delegation.

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