Infrastructure Development Code


  1. All joints shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.
  2. Unless otherwise instructed by the Engineer or included in the standard drawings, all weld beads shall be removed for Wastewater pipes only.

CS-9.1.1 Polyethylene (PE) Jointing

Butt and electrofusion welded jointing shall be carried out only by experienced certified PE welders. The certifying organisation shall be acceptable to the Council. In addition, welders may be required to carry out satisfactory test welds for each joint type and to stamp the welder's number on each joint.

  1. Butt welds shall be at least 90% of the tensile strength of the parent pipe material when tested in accordance with ISO 13953. All internal weld beads shall be removed. This shall be carried out in an approved manner, to be smooth and flush with the pipe inner surface, without compromising the strength of the pipe joint.
  2. For electrofusion welding:
    1. Couplers shall be of the same rating as the pipe or superior. A manufacturer approved scraping tool shall be used to uniformly scrape the pipe ends all round the pipe barrel. Hand scraping is not permitted.
    2. The welder shall mark witness marks on each end of the pipes to be jointed. The distance from the end of the pipe to the witness mark shall be half the length of the coupler. The pipe insertion to the coupler shall be achieved by manufacturer approved pulling and clamping equipment.
    3. Bending the pipes up for insertion into the coupler and then pushing back is not permitted.
    4. Once the jointing is complete, the witness marks shall be only just visible.

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