Infrastructure Development Code


DS-10 - Appendix A.1   General

The latest revision or operative version of the following standards shall be used in conjunction with the IDC:

  1. Council documentation:
    1. City Plan
    2. TCC Technical Library references: TL485, TL607 and TL2325
  2. New Zealand/Australian/British Standards:
    1. NZS1170.5 Structural Design Actions
    2. NZS 4402 Methods of Testing Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes
    3. NZS 4404 Land Development and Subdivision Infrastructure
    4. NZS 4431 Code of Practice for Earth Fill for Residential Development
  3. Other reference material:
    1. Resource Management Act
    2. New Zealand Building Act
    3. Health and Safety at Work Act
    4. BRANZ Study SR4, Assessment of Slope Stability at Building Sites, BRANZ and Worley Consultants Ltd (1987)
    5. "Geotechnical Issues in Land Development" proceedings from the NZ Geotechnical Society Symposium, Hamilton 1996
    6. "The Design of Permanent Slopes for Residential Building Development"; Crawford, S A and Millar, P J, EQC Research Project 95/183, NZ Geomechanics News (June 1998)
    7. "The role of Peer Review"; Crawford, S A NZ Geomechanics News (Dec 1995) 
    8. TCC OZONE Library references: TL485, TL607 and TL2325
    9. Relic Slip Verification Study – Tauranga District Council Environs compiled by Laurie Richards, David Bell and Roydon Thompson dated March 31 2001
    10. Tauranga Storm Event, 18 May 2005, Final Causation Report - Hegan, Wesley and Richards – 2005
    11. Joint MBIE/NZGS Geotechnical Engineering Guidance, Modules 1-6
    12. Microzoning for Earthquake Hazards for the Western Bay of Plenty, January 2003, Opus International Consultants Report
    13. Tonkin and Taylor Ltd’s work at the Minden and Omokoroa
    14. NZ Geological Survey, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Relic Slips and Geological Factors 1980 and 1984 
    15. Gerard Bird Maungatapu Peninsula, The Nature and Causes of Coastal Landsliding; 
    16. Robert Oliver, Thesis on the Maungatapu Peninsula
    17. Richards, Bell and Thomson, Relic Slip Verification Study TDC Environs; 
    18. Richards, Slope Stability Criteria Tauranga; 
    19. Richards, Tonkin and Taylor Ltd, University of Auckland, Tauranga Storm Event - 18 May 2005 - Final Causation Report, 
    20. University of Waikato, Geology of the Tauranga Area
    21. Canterbury guidance documents
    22. NZTA Bridge Manual, 3rd Edition
    23. Pearse-Danker E. & Wotherspoon L, Site Subsoil Class Determinations in Tauranga, New Zealand Geomechanics News Issue 91 June 2016


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