Infrastructure Development Code


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DS-2 - Appendix A.1 General

DS-2 - Appendix A.1 General

The latest revision or operative version of the following standards shall be used in conjunction with the IDC:

  1. Council documentation:
    1. City Plan.
    2. TCC Vegetation Management Strategy.
    3. TCC Urban Design Strategy.
    4. TCC Open Space Strategy.
    5. TCC Best Practice Guide for Open Space.
    6. TCC Integrated Transportation Strategy.
    7. TCC Track and Walkway – Development and Maintenance Manual.
    8. TCC Signs Policy and Manual.
    9. TCC Cycle Design Guidelines
    10. TCC Plant Pest Management Strategy.
    11. TCC Best Practice Guide to Neighbourhood Reserves..
    12. TCC Planting Guide - Street and Reserve Gardens.
    13. TCC Development Guide.
  2. New Zealand / Australian / British Standards:
    1. NZS 3104:2003 Specification for Concrete Production.
  3. Other reference material:
    1. Resource Management Act 1991.
    2. New Zealand Building Act.
    3. New Zealand Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.
    4. New Zealand Historic Places Act.
    5. New Zealand Reserves Act 1977.
    6. Modern Arboriculture by Alex Shigo. 
    7. The Sunset Pruning Handbook.

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