Infrastructure Development Code


Drawing Ref: T211

The following shall apply:

  1. Street gardens shall be designed to be integral with the overall subdivisional streetscape and traffic management.
  2. A minimum 500mm deep layer of clean, friable peat loam or sandy loam topsoil free of all perennial weeds, stones and rubbish shall be placed on the subgrade.
  3. One or more street gardens shall be provided in the Road Zone where it can be visibly seen at the junction of all new roads.
  4. Plantings shall not exceed 450mm in height in the sight triangles of intersections and vehicle accessways. Street gardens shall be provided at intersections only where collector or arterial roads are also present.
  5. Street gardens located within the carriageway shall be specifically designed and submitted for approval. 

DS-2.6.1 Street Garden Location

The following shall apply:

  1. All street gardens shall be adjacent to a sub-collector, collector or arterial road
  2. Within each development, street gardens will be installed:
    1. At junctions between two arterial roads, or beside arterials roads.
    2. Between arterial and collector roads.
    3. At junctions between two collector roads or beside collector roads.
    4. At junctions between collector and local roads.
  3. In choosing the location of any garden consideration must be given to practical maintenance. The design and location of the garden shall be such that it shall be easily and safely accessed and maintained without the gardener coming into direct conflict with vehicular traffic during the maintenance period.
  4. Street gardens placed in private roads or lanes will not be maintained by Council

DS-2.6.2 Street Gardens on Roundabouts

Drawing Ref: T204T205T211

Roundabouts of less than 10.0m in diameter may have one single-trunked specimen tree which shall be centrally located and underplanted with grass or low planting.

Roundabouts over 10.0m in diameter shall comply with Council Vegetation Management Strategy.

DS-2.6.3 Garden Size

Drawing Ref: T211

The following shall apply:

  1.  The mature size of any tree or garden planting shall be:
    1. Assessed for each planting location.
    2. In scale with the permitted or anticipated adjacent environment.
  2. Tree planting shall provide for a clear trunk to a high canopy. In all cases planting shall not interfere with motorists’ sight lines.
  3. The following table shall apply for street garden design:
Design Consideration Minimum Maximum
Garden Size 45m² = 0.50m² per lin.m of the collector or arterial road.
Width for median strips and traffic islands - the minimum means that tapered ends will need to be hard surface. 1.5m Dependant on island design width.
Area of street gardens per lineal metre of primary arterial, secondary arterial or collector road in the subdivision. 0.40m² 0.50m²
Distance between plants in the garden: exceptions can be made for bulbs and some slected perennials. 0.5m 1.0m

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