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  3. Infrastructure Development Processes
  4. Quality Assurance Information Requirements
    1. QA-1 Resource Consent Application Requirements
    2. QA-2 Works Undertaken By or For a Council
    3. QA-3 Development Works Approval
    4. QA-4 Survey Plan (s223) Approval
    5. QA-5 Final Sign Off (s224c) Application Requirements
    6. QA-6 As-Built Information
    7. QA-7 Bonds and Maintenance Fee
    8. QA-8 Building Consent Considerations
  5. Design Standards
    1. DS-1 General Provisions
    2. DS-2 Streetscape
    3. DS-3 Reserves
    4. DS-4 Transportation Network
    5. DS-5 Stormwater
    6. DS-6 Wastewater
    7. DS-7 Water Supply
    8. DS-8 Public Lighting
    9. DS-9 Network Utilities
    10. DS-10 Natural Hazards & Earthworks
    11. DS-11 Road Zone/Road Reserve Occupancy
    12. DS-12 Building Consent Considerations
  6. Standard Drawings
    1. SD-1 General Provisions
    2. Street design diagrams
    3. T100 Perspective Drawings
    4. T200 Streetscape
    5. T300 Reserves
    6. T400 Transport Network
    7. T500 Stormwater
    8. T600 Wastewater
    9. T700 Water Supply
    10. T800 Public Lighting
    11. AB As-Built Drawings
  7. Approved Materials
  8. Construction Standards
    1. CS-1 General
    2. CS-2 Site Clearance
    3. CS-3 Earthworks
    4. CS-4 Excavation
    5. CS-5 Excavation in Trench
    6. CS-6 Fill
    7. CS-7 Bedding & Backfill
    8. CS-8 Subsoil Drainage for Earthworks & Roads
    9. CS-9 Pipework
    10. CS-10 Pipe Fittings
    11. CS-11 Manholes & Rodding Eyes
    12. CS-12 Sumps
    13. CS-13 Trenchless Technology
    14. CS-14 Road Ripping
    15. CS-15 Road Pavement Layers
    16. CS-16 Kerb & Channel
    17. CS-17 Concrete Work
    18. CS-18 Carriageway Surfacing
    19. CS-19 Roadmarking
    20. CS-20 Berm Features
    21. CS-21 Street Structures
    22. CS-22 Road Maintenance
    23. CS-23 Grassing & Turfing
    24. CS-24 Vegetation Planting & Gardens
    25. CS-25 Reinstatement
  9. Inspection & Testing Requirements
    1. IT-1 General Provision
    2. IT-2 Streetscape
    3. IT-3 Reserves
    4. IT-4 Transportation Network
    5. IT-5 Stormwater
    6. IT-6 Wastewater
    7. IT-7 Water Supply
    8. IT-8 Public Lighting
    9. IT-9 Network Utilities
Infrastructure Development Code

DS-5.9 Further Considerations 


The following shall also be considered as part of the design process:

  1. DS-5.9.1 Trenchless Technology.
  2. DS-5.9.2 Access Requirement.
  3. DS-5.9.3 Fencing.
  4. DS-5.9.4 Easements.
  5. DS-5.9.5 Rural and Rural-Residential Zones.

DS-5.9.1   Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology may be preferred or required for alignments passing through or under:

  1.  Environmentally sensitive areas.
  2. Built-up or congested areas to minimise disruption and reinstatement.
  3. Railway and major road crossings.
  4. Significant vegetation.
  5. Vehicular crossings.

Refer to CS-5.8 Trenchless Technology for information on trenchless technology installation. 

DS-5.9.2   Access Requirement

Where any assets are being created as part of a stormwater management system that is to be maintained by Council, legal and practical access shall be provided for maintenance. For the purpose of this standard provision legal and practical access shall be a minimum of a 4.0m wide access path constructed to an all weather standard able to accommodate an 8.2 tonne design axle load.

DS-5.9.3   Fencing

Drawing Ref: T320, T321

The following shall apply:

  1. The fencing of open watercourses and ponds is not required unless the watercourse has vertical or near vertical sides. In this case the provisions of the Building Act apply. 
  2.  Fencing may be a condition of easements for constructed waterways or drainage structures. A permeable fence (i.e. that can be seen through, rather than a solid construction), is recommended. 
  3. Fences shall not significantly impede flood flows. 
  4. Fencing shall not be permitted across overland flowpaths unless approved by Council.

DS-5.9.4   Easements

Please refer to:

  1. DS-1.22 Easements
  2. DS-1.22.8 Easements: Stormwater and Wastewater

DS-5.9.5   Rural and Rural-Residential Zones

Rural-residential zone stormwater systems shall be designed in accordance with the IDC. Flexibility may be considered where the risk factors are less significant for rural zone stormwater system design. These designs shall be subject to Council approval.

Definitions in this section



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