Infrastructure Development Code


DS-5 - Appendix A.1   General

The latest revision or operative version of the following standards shall be used in conjunction with the IDC:

  1. Council documentation:
    1. City Plan
    2. Stormwater Management Guidelines
  2. New Zealand Standards:
    1. AS/NZS 1252 High-strength Steel Bolts with Associated Nuts and Washers for Structural Engineering)
    2. AS/NZS 1254 PVC Pipes and Fittings for Stormwater and Surface Water Applications
    3. AS/NZS 1260 PVC-U Pipes and Fittings for Drain, Waste and Vent Application
    4. AS/NZS 1477 PVC Pipes and Fittings for Pressure Applications
    5. AS 1579 Spiral Welded Steel
    6. AS 1646.1 Seal Rings
    7. AS 1657 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders. Design, Construction and Installation
    8. AS/NZS 2280 Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings
    9. AS/NZS 2544 Grey Iron Pressure Fittings
    10. AS/NZS 2566 Buried Flexible Pipelines
    11. AS/NZS 2638.2 Gate Valves for Waterworks Purposes – Resilient Seated 
    12. NZS 3114 Specification for Concrete Surface Finishes
    13. AS/NZS 3725 Design for Installation of Buried Concrete Pipes
    14. AS 3996 Vehicle Loading (Covers)
    15. AS 4087 Facing and Drilling of Flanges
    16. AS/NZS 4058 Precast Concrete Pipes (Pressure and non-pressure)
    17. AS/NZS 4130 Polyethylene (PE) Pipes for Pressure Applications
    18. AS/NZS 4131 Polyethylene (PE) Compounds for Pressure Pipes and Fittings
    19. AS/NZS 4158 Thermal-bonded Polymeric Coatings on Valves and Fittings for Water Industry Purposes
    20. NZS 4402 Methods of Testing Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes
    21. NZS 4404 Land Development and Subdivision Infrastructure
    22. AS/NZS 4441 Oriented PVC (PVC-O) Pipes for Pressure Applications
    23. NZS 4442 Welded Steel Pipes and Fittings for water, sewage and medium pressure gas
    24. AS/NZS 4765 Modified PVC (PVC-M) Pipes for Pressure Applications
    25. AS/NZS 5065 Polyethylene and Polypropylene and Fittings for Drainage and Sewerage Applications
    26. NZS/BS 5163 Specification for Predominantly Key-Operated Cast Iron Gate Valves for Waterworks Purposes
    27. BS EN 124 Vehicle Loading (Covers)
    28. NZTA M/7 Roadmarking Paints 
  3. Other reference material:
    1. Resource Management Act 
    2. New Zealand Building Act
    3. Health and Safety at Work Act
    4. IPENZ Procedure for Hydrological Design of Urban Stormwater Systems, December 1980
    5. New Zealand Building Code Handbook and Approved Documents section E1 - Surface Water
    6. Auckland Council - TP10 Stormwater Management Devices, Design Guidelines Manual
    7. Auckland Council - TP124 Low Impact Design Manual 
    8. Christchurch City Council - Waterways, Wetlands and Drainage Guide
    9. New Zealand Ministry for the Environment Climate Change Effects and Impacts Assessment Publication 2008
    10. New Zealand Department of Labour Approved Code of Practice for Safety in Excavation and Shafts for Foundations – April 2000
    11. Loads on Circular Precast Concrete Manholes and Access Chambers, Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia Guidance Note 

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