Infrastructure Development Code


DS-8 - Appendix B.1   General

The following are instances where Councils requirements vary from the standards:

  1. The maximum tilt for a luminaire shall be zero degrees for P Category and 5° for V Category (zero preferred) from the horizontal unless otherwise approved by Council.
  2. The Threshold Increment (TI) along the road shall not be greater than 12%. 
  3. Category P roads: Illuminance diagrams from AGI32 illustrating relevant contours for the lighting sub-category with illuminance and point illuminance values are necessary to demonstrate compliance. 
  4. Category P roads: Record maximum luminous intensity at Gamma 80 on the drawings. It shall not exceed 400cd. Similarly, the peak luminous intensity shall not exceed 1800cd.
  5. For category P roads the maximum luminaire power shall not exceed 28 Watts unless agreed with Council.

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