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    6. IT-6 Wastewater
    7. IT-7 Water Supply
    8. IT-8 Public Lighting
    9. IT-9 Network Utilities
Infrastructure Development Code

DS-8 - Appendix C - Lighting Design Submission Checklist


DS-8 - Appendix C.1   General

The following shall be utilised when providing lighting designs.

Lighting Design Submission Checklist

1. Initial Considerations


  1. A holistic approach to the lighting design has been considered.


  1. A night site visit (where applicable) has been completed, identifying features such as CCTV cameras, trees and neighbouring properties.




2. Area Classification


  1. An appropriate lighting sub category classification has been agreed with Council for all roads with the design scheme.


  1. The lighting classification/sub category for each road is:














3. Light Source


Only LED luminaires are proposed.




4. Luminaire Selection


Only luminaires included on the NZTA M30 Specification Approved List are proposed for this design.




5. Column / Pole


  1. Lighting Columns on the NZTA M26 Specification Approved List are proposed for this design.


  1. Lighting Columns on the Tauranga City Council Approved Materials List are proposed for this design.


  1. Other Lighting Columns e.g. neither a) or b) are proposed for use with this design, a PS1 Producer Statement has been provided and these columns have been approved by Council.

(Alternative lighting columns may be submitted for approval for a specific project. These will be assessed against the respective standards in Appendix A and shall be approved by Council prior to detailed design commences.







6. Electrical Considerations


  1. Electrical reticulation has been specified (where applicable).


  1. For connections to overhead lines, Powerco have been engaged.






7. Required Information


All required information as described in DS-8.5 Information requirements is attached.




Certified By:                                                                                                         





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